Join Our Team!

Pacific Imaging & Signs promotes drivers who are not only competent at what they do, but also who love professional driving! We take pride in our remarkable family of accomplished drivers.

Every skilled driver deserves an impressive career opportunity which Pacific Imaging & Signs greatly acknowledges! Elevate your work experience and make most of a spectacular career opportunity by joining Team Pacific Imaging & Signs ! We have one prime objective which is to ensure our drivers and clients’ utmost safety. We never compromise our drivers’ safety and health, and make sure that our work processes do not result in an injury or some other casualty. After all, we are zealous advocates of human welfare and a flourishing society. Our major concern is to promote our drivers’, our clients’ and the community’s well-being in general while adhering to highest level of professionalism.

We contribute towards an exhilarating experience while taking the higher road!

Job Post Requirements

For to qualify to become an Pacific Imaging & Signs driver, you need to meet the following criteria:

  • Candidate should be at least 25 years of age
  • An X endorsement is a must on an A-class drivers’ license
  • Working experience of at least two years of truck driving; preferably hauling experience of bulk fuel
  • A D. O. T approved, and valid medical drug test confirming drivers’ physical fitness
  • Able to clear the company’s requisite devised road test
  • No criminal record, or lawsuits since the past ten years for charges of alcohol or drug usage

Other Benefits



  • - Medical insurance coverage
  • - Life Insurance coverage
  • - Discount prescription drug cards



  • - Paid sick days
  • - Holiday wages for company acknowledged holidays



  • - Paid initiatives like the Tanker Training Program or work orientation
  • - Availability of free-of-cost uniforms
  • - Extensive, Up to date fleet of automobiles
  • - Free-of-cost of renewing of DOT physical examinations
  • - Safe Driver National Program accredited by the American Trucking Association
  • - Granting bonus plans, and annual awards like “Driver of the Year” or quarterly awards and certifications

Advantages of being a part of Team Pacific Imaging & Signs !

Working with Team Pacific Imaging & Signs has its own myriad benefits which enables an individual to pursue their career path with great ease. We provide you the following advantages that makes taking the higher road easier for you:

  • - Flexible work hours
  • - Feasible, local delivery schedule ensuring drivers to return home every day
  • - Well organized off-days each week
  • - Substantial career growth
  • - Convenient transfers to different terminal sites; including instructive initiatives; managerial designations for Operations and Terminal locations throughout the State of Texas
  • - Stable work flow; involving interaction with reasonable clients
  • - Hospitable work environment
  • - Cutting edge technology with state-of-the-art equipment and well-functioning vehicles
  • - Decent wages with countless benefits